Sunday, 25 September 2011

Arthy's Mehendi Party

It was great being at Arthy's mehendi and meeting her wonderful circle of friends. Although, it was nearly impossible to keep Arthy sit still, it is needless to say that she is an amazing person (with quite a unique personality).  Below, I have posted a few favourite shots of my work from Arthy's mehendi event.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

TSH Family BBQ Fest

Earlier this summer, we had set up a colourful Indian style henna booth at The Scarborough Hospital BBQ fest. We were quite surprised as to how many people were interested in getting their henna done! I honestly do not recall putting my  henna cone down for the entire time I was there. Anyhow, I have posted some beautiful henna shots of my work. Most of these henna designs were requested by people and were quite random. I was very pleased with how the designs turned out.  Hope you'll enjoy the pics!

                                                                              The Moroccon lamp.....

                                                                                      Peacocks !

                                                                             One of my favourites! ^

                                                                              Another favourite! ^


                                                                       And yet, another favourite! ^